DJ Snake announces album & nominated for the hit television show 'Hoarders' on A&E

DJ Snake has won the award for most nonchalant album announcement after announcing on Twitter that his album was complete, in merely 4 words. The producer celebrated his birthday this past week and received birthday wishes from producers around the world, something you don't see very often in other genres of music. Click here to see what we mean by that.

Furthermore, Snake released hinted his album had been finished on June 14 after posting "You just can't rush the creative process. Great things take time" with the big announcement that was tweeted on June 16 "My album is done." Bravo. He knows how to get straight to the point. For an artist who has an amazing talent for creating sophisticated electronic music, he's very simple behind his iPhone.

"I make music almost like every day," the Snake told Forbes last year. "But I don't release a lot of music. I like to wait and listen to my music every day -- the same records -- 20 times, 50 times a day." Call him weird, but that obviously is working for him being a world-renown producer with simply 5 or so tracks out, including remixes.

Although DJ Snake hasn't released an album yet, he's been a frequent flyer on pop charts since his debut in 2013 with "Turn Down for What," featuring Lil Jon; peaking at No. 4 on Billboard's Hot 100.

The issue comes down to this -- if Snake decides to listen to each track 50 times with an average of 12 tracks on an album, we won't be hearing this album until the midst of next summer. He seems to hold on to his records for quite some time. For that reason, we've emailed Hoarders which airs on A&E and you can too by clicking here. Together, we could possibly help have this album release date pushed up & help a producer in need of hoarding rehabilitation.