Electric Daisy Carnival Turns 20: Reports Zero Deaths in 2016

Over 131,000 fans flocked to Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas this past weekend -- the shocking news is the lack of deaths. Silly, right? Why on earth would we report a "lack of deaths" and call it news? Each major music festival in the United States have faced an extensive amount of scrutiny after drug-related deaths.

Electric Daisy Carnival wrapped in this past weekend in Las Vegas, has unveiled its official reports following three days of the festival & has seen zero deaths relating to the festival. This is the first time no deaths have been reported at the festival in the last 3 years.

Just a little over 200 medical calls made, but with over 130,000 attendees on the grounds each night, EDC has concluded as one of the most positive major events. Keep in mind this festival takes place in the midst of the summer with scorching Las Vegas desert weather reaching a high of 111 degrees Fahrenheit.